Open Source Idea #1

An open source ideas blog that would have the email to sign into the blog at the bottom of the page (as well as the password). Or an open source ideas Twitter. No one has room in their head, agenda, or wallet for every single idea they generate, be it art related or otherwise. No one has an idea for every single assignment that gets assigned either. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a decent place to look where one can share, be inspired by, build upon, etc. their ideas and the ideas of their peers?

I'm primarily thinking about sharing ideas for artworks, however an open source ideas blog could function within any field. I think that the definition of an "idea" should be limited to something resembling a proposal, rather than ponderings or thoughts that flourish about on twitter and the like. It would be nice if the blog/twitter was anonymous and "judgement free" but that would just be hard to control.

It might be worth trying out.


  1. This idea already exists. fancy that. however there doesn't seem to be a source focused primarily on artistic practices. perhaps this focus or another would help.

  2. thats not true at all. There are several locations which publicize ideas for artworks that are open source. Blogs even. perhaps not so many that have complete access to the site (password, email). This idea is not new at all. but it cant be any harm to start another.

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